Tierpraeparation Gloeckner
Tierpraeparation Gloeckner
Animal Taxidermy
Hunting with friends
As a passionate huntswoman, I have hunted in many countries on various continents, gained unforgettable impressions and many friends - on this page I introduce you to an exclusive selection of free, unlimited hunting areas, which I have traveled to and would recommend at this point:
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 1 of 7
    Mud colossus - Water Buffalo is lying after exciting hunt
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 2 of 7
    Water Buffalo - manufactured to dimensions, head-shoulder offset (1)
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 3 of 7
    Water Buffalo - manufactured to dimensions, head-shoulder offset (2)
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 4 of 7
    After the hunt, the work really starts - The cape for the shoulder mounting must be processed in the tropics during the night
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 5 of 7
    To hunt worldwide still in Australia only - giant Banteng bull - The exciting hunt for this wild cattle was hard to top for me
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 6 of 7
    Banteng - manufactured to dimensions, semi montage
  • Arnhemland Australia - Picture 7 of 7
    Australia is an Eldorado for the passionate boar hunter - especially since the descendants of the domestic pigs are already largely committed to the traditions of their ancestors again...

Far away from any civilization, the hunter sees a world from another time - the Arnhem Land.
Let yourself be impressed by a magical fauna and flora!
Cattle (water buffalo), naturalised in previous centuries, have proliferated magnificently and found a new habitat, as in the case of the Banteng, which is almost extinct in its homeland.
  • Farm Wilsonfontein Namibia - Picture 1 of 3
    Klipspringer - a coveted hunting prey, not only for leopards!
  • Farm Wilsonfontein Namibia - Picture 2 of 3
    Rock badger, a «relative» of the elephant - it can be captured in the rocky clefts too
  • Farm Wilsonfontein Namibia - Picture 3 of 3
    Hartmann's mountain zebra - challenging and exciting hunting - success after
    a hours-long stalk

Namibia - the beginner country for hunters in Africa, is well known, but still has some special highlights:
A not bounded hunting ground without «mass tourism» and stock breeding is the farm Wilsonfontein on the edge of the Namib-Naukluftpark. Wild mountain zebras, springboks, oryx and kudus are on the trail here. In the imposing and mighty rock formations leopards lurk on klipspringers and rock badgers...